It's time for a new vision!

Dear friends,


Thank you for visiting our Virtual Headquarters. In this upcoming election, the decisions our State faces are crucial. As part of this democratic process, we have the responsibility to assess the candidates that are running for public office in our state and at the federal level. We should make our voice heard by voting, it’s our right. It needs to be a commitment to ourselves and to our future generations. 

It is time to demonstrate that we can do better, that there are great and innovative plans that we can get done. I strongly believe that there is a better tomorrow if we can come together as a community, that we can achieve big things if we start looking for common ground. 


Our problems are man-made, and if we come together, we can find and develop solutions to our difficulties. I want to be on the right side of history, where I am a part of the solution and not the problem. There is still a lot of work to get done, and I have the hope that a better tomorrow is possible. I ask for your trust and your vote.​

It's time for a new vision!

With the help of God, I will serve you with excellence, honesty, integrity, compassion, commitment, and humility. Together, we can be part of a new vision of real progress for our communities. Give me the opportunity to serve you and your family, as your next Texas Comptroller.  I will take the leadership approach that seeks your interest and contributes to the growth and development of our communities.


Visit the “Vision” tab to learn more about my priorities as your next State Comptroller, the vision, and ideas that I believe are best for the development and continuity of a better Texas. 


I would like to personally invite you to be part of our vibrant movement and go through this journey of success together. Looking forward to meeting you soon.


God bless y’all and may God bless our Great State of Texas and the United States of America!

Ángel Luis Vega

Democratic Candidate for Texas Comptroller 

Angel Luis Vega

​Ángel Luis Vega




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Press Release, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Democrat Ángel Luis Vega declares Candidacy for Texas Comptroller

Vega filed the campaign documents for Texas Comptroller

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VEGA for Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts - 2022

Early Voting: Feb 14-25 / Primary: March 1