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Support start-ups and established organizations
A-1 Executive Search MLM, Direct Sales & Networtk Marketing
Work hand in hand with Entreprenurs, C-level executives, Senior Management on identifying their brand within the organization, developing strong & confident leadership skills and planning strategic moves.


I am committed to helping clients succeed in their long-term objectives. I view each client as a partner and provide customized solutions for their individual needs. Whether it is strategic planning, opening the Hispanic market in the US, expanding to US or expanding to LATAM, I stand by my clients all the way. I am in Texas; while also servicing all United States markets, as well as the Caribbean, Canada and Latin America. I understand that my clients expect me to understand all their needs and offer in-depth analysis of their current situation as well as future prospects. 
I believe that through my services, I not only give to my clients the best value for their money; I also contribute to the development and growth of the economy in all our markets. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Hence, all of my clients receive individual attention to the specific issues affecting their business. I conduct extensive external and internal analyses for all our clients and offer tailor-made solutions that can be implemented within organizational resources. My commitment to keeping my clients interests foremost is the reason for my continued success.
What help me  to achieve my mission consistently over time?
I believe in standing by my core values of leadership, commitment, integrity, passion and innovation. My passion for excellence drives to continuously adopt cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to offer the best service to my clients. My deep sense of commitment enables me to persist in helping my clients until they achieve their targets. The desire to work with my clients to become a valuable and dependable partner is what inspires me to achieve greater heights of excellence.


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Husband - Dad - Optimist -
Author - Coach - Speaker

After nearly 20 years in the business world, I have learned that collaboration versus competition can yield better results for everyone. In the coming years, more organizations are going to realize that they can pursue greater growth by collaborating and cooperating with one another. 

I remain eternally committed to partnering with people an organizations and using my knowledge to help them succeed in their business, careers or personal life. A good strategy is the best weapon to succeed in the competitive marketplace.

                                    - Angel Luis Vega

  • Planned and executed 200+ successful training seminars nationwide and developed and produced online training / webinar modules with a reach of 20,000+ clients.

  • Speak and facilitate conferences, workshops and trainings at the individual, professional and corporate levels for any size groups 2 - 10,000+ attendees.

  • Topics include but are not limited to: Global Strategy and Expansion, Change Management, Marketing Strategy, Brand Story, Customer Acquisition, Time Management, Leadership Development, People Management, among others.





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