Challenges for working from home moms during the COVID-19 quarantine

By Ángel L. Vega

Since the Coronavirus situation hit our Country, different states and cities across the United States implemented stay at home orders. This represents that thousands of moms now start working from home, yet schools are closed, what represents that kids are at home as well. Daycares are classified as essentials, so they are running as usual, yet what is perfectly understandable some moms will not take their kids to daycare for precautions.

For the next couple of weeks or even months this represents many challenges. Even when they can take certain advantages like, no driving back and forth to work, no daycare and school drop-offs, eating at home, more comfortable/relaxed wardrobe; it would be difficult. Will their co-worker and bosses expect the same availability and same if not more productivity while ignoring the level of stress for this mom can become bigger and exhaustive as days go by.

First things first.

Your boss needs to know your reality, be transparent, share what your work from home circumstances are and put together some ideas of how you are going to make things happen despite of these.

Yes, your kids are going to interrupt you, more than you anticipate.

It is important to manage the calendar for both effectively, establish your schedule around your kids don’t try to push the child into your daily agenda. If they have homework, need to connect to any educational platform and post something by a particular day, include this as a part of your to-do items. Realize that during this time you are wearing multiple hats and juggling a lot; you’re a parent, an employee, a teacher, a caregiver, a spouse, a cook, a playmate, and the list goes on...

Talk to your children about what is happening, why they are at home, what it means to be home for them and for you. They will inevitably be part of some of your video conferences.

  1. Expect lower internet speed than usual. Almost every neighbor is at home, and they are busy online, streaming live services, etc.

  2. Need some time alone? Wake-up an hour or two earlier or go to sleep later so you can enjoy some free time by yourself.

  3. Find ways to document and journal what you are living not just for you but also for your family.

  4. Be patient with your family, with yourself and adopt a “grace-full” mindset.

  5. Once quarantine ends and when it’s time to go back to school and work; take time to establish new routines and set your new normal.

We are facing very difficult moments, there is something worse that any pandemic, and that is fear. Let’s do something: let’s don’t live in fear, understand the urgency and become diligent to taking the proper precautions to face these challenging times. Maximize the resilient capabilities inside within you, let’s be optimistic about the future. We, the people living in 2020, are the predecessors of the ones that survived other similar and dangerous pandemics, and we are here today, alive. Yes, we are facing a very strong one and 10, 20 or 50 years from now the generation growing right now, are the ones that are going to face similar challenges if not worst. Let’s transfer them the knowledge that we learned from 100 years ago and the ones that we are living day after day, now.

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