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Vega's Story

At A Glance

  • A resident of Fort Bend County

  • Married to Ideneth

  • Father of two, Victoria and Matthew

  • Son of a Social Worker (Mother) and a Retired U.S. Army Veteran (Father)

  • Grandson of a U.S. Army Veteran

  • A purpose-driven professional with over 20+ years in:

    • business strategy

    • banking / finance / accounting

    • operations

    • non-profit grassroots organizations

    • managing large groups of people

    • managing multimillion-dollar budgets

    • building successful teams

  • Business Strategist / Executive Advisor / Professional Development Coach

  • Member of Board of Directors (non-profit organizations) 

  • Writer and Published Author 

  • Bilingual (Spanish speaker)  

  • Christian

Professional Awards

  • ​Better Leadership Practices 2006

  • Gold Medal Award 2013 - International Hispanic Art & Culture Association 


Organizations and Group Member

  • Young Leaders for Inclusion Council Member

  • Advisory Board Member - Prospera USA

  • Board of Director Member - International Hispanic Art & Culture Association


  • ​Scuba Diving

  • Cycling

  • Golf


Mrs. Ideneth Vega

Ángel's Wife 

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Meet Ángel Luis Vega
Husband, Dad, Author, Business Strategist, Organizer  

Ángel Luis Vega knows first-hand what coming from a hard-working family and humble beginnings is like; his mother, Mayra served as a social worker for the Government for 30 years. His father, Ángel Luis Vega Sr., worked as a pharmacist for the United States Army at Garrison-Fort Buchanan; he was a Gulf War Veteran and retired as an SFC from the United States Army. His grandmother was a secretary for the DOL, and his grandfather is a Korean War United States Army Veteran.

His childhood was difficult; his parents divorced when he was five years old. For years his mother struggled to pay the bills, choosing between paying the rent or putting food on the table. Working full time as a social worker and part-time during nights in retail.


When he was 11 years old, they had to move in with his great-grandparents; he slept in the living room on a small sofa while his mom was in the basement. He remembers vividly how his mom would always say, “this is just a season; it’s not permanent.” Her actions and resilience taught him the fundamental importance of life, to be humble and honest, that integrity is his best presentation card, and to serve others is life’s purpose. She taught him that no matter how poor they were, there were people in more need than them. A couple of years later, they moved out of her grandparents’ home. When Vega was 14, his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and he helped his father during the transition and process. These life experiences changed how he dealt with difficulties, and they endured him immensely. 

He used what he learned in his childhood to motivate himself and push forward; he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Inter-American University while working full-time. He then went on to earn his MA (Master in Management and Leadership).


Vega holds over 20 years of specializing heavily in revenue strategy, accounting, finance, banking, operations, managing large budgets, fixing inefficiencies, and building successful teams. Continuously works with underrepresented groups in the community, such as Latinx, people of color, and people with disabilities, to foster the equal opportunity they deserve. 

Vega proactively serves on nonprofit boards, is respected for his 2013 AIPEH’s Medalla de Oro award for his book “Se el Líder de Tu Desarrollo Profesional” and has earned several awards for his leadership and community dedications. Some of those include (but are not limited to) the Better Leadership Practices award from Popular Inc and the Orange County Mayor Recognition for contributing to our society's intellectual growth and development. He often participates in conferences and facilitates career/executive coaching to individuals and executive coaching to business owners, start-ups, and established CEOs.

Being a progressive fueled by mission excellence and equality, Vega thoroughly enjoys translating big-picture visions into tangible, mutually beneficial realities and doing so all while ensuring everyone involved has positive, constructive experiences along the way. Vega has a genuine appreciation for continuous community enhancement that advances society, values moral compass leadership, and every forward-thinking effort he does as a people-first advocate rests on a single cornerstone notion, his devotion to helping create an inclusive environment for Texans now and one that future generations can be proud of.  


He likes to be very active; cycling, running, traveling, scuba-diving, reading, writing, and spending time with his wife Ideneth, their two children, Victoria and Matthew, and their dog Sawyer.

Ángel Luis speaks multiple languages and is fluent in Spanish and English.

Below is an abbreviated outline of ALV personal life:
Sawyer Vega

2020 - The Vega's

welcome Sawyer to the family 

Matthew Vega - Vega for Texas.jpeg

2018 - Matthew was born

Victoria Vega - Angel Luis Vega for Texas Comptroller.JPG

2015 - Victoria was born

2014 - Married Ideneth

Embroidered Heart
Angel + Ideneth Vega Wedding
Angel Luis Vega II
Angel's Father,
U.S. Army Veteran Ángel Luis Vega Sr.
Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 12.33.00 PM.png
Angel's Mother
Mayra E. Meléndez, Public Servant for nearly 30 years as a Social Worker
Angel's Grandfather,
Mr. Jaime Meléndez, Korean War Veteran
U.S. Army - 65th Infantry Regiment
Angel's Grandmother,
Mrs. Rosa Castillo, Executive Officer 
PR Department of Labor
Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 2.10_edited.jp
Angel's Great-grandmother

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