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Ángel Luis Vega

Husband - Dad - Optimistic - Author - Business Strategist - Speaker

Angel Luis is an American Entrepreneur, Author, Business and Executive Coach,  Speaker and Columnist.

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, an only child of Ángel L. Vega Moncayo an American U.S. Army Veteran and Pharmacist, and Mayra Meléndez Castillo, Social Worker.

He attended the Inter-American University of PR, graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Then went on to complete his Master of Business Administration from Webster University.

While in college, he started his career at Popular, Inc. where he grew into leadership, customer service, process improvement and project management roles.

In 2009 relocated to Orlando, Florida where he started his first business venture, Vega Executive Solutions, LLC, a management consulting firm focused in helping entrepreneurs and business owners with their human resources procedures and operational strategies. 

In 2013 published his first book in leadership, “Sé el Líder de tu Desarrollo Profesional” / (Be the Leader of Your Professional Development) for which he received the "Medalla de Oro" Gold Medal Award from AIPEH.

As an avid lover of art and literature, he served as member of the Board of Directors for International Hispanic Art and Cultural Association. Also, served as an Advisory Board Member for non-profit organization Prospera USA (formerly Hispanic Business Initiative Fund of Florida Inc.)

Vega participates actively in the community by offering pro-bono professional services to small businesses and individuals who are trying to fulfill the dream of developing their companies or developing their professional career in the United States.


Vega is married to Ideneth, Vice President of Marketing for Zurvita. They reside in Texas with their daughter Victoria and son Matthew. 

Sé el Líder de tu Desarrollo Profesional

(Spanish Edition)

2.0 Edition - Coming Soon (2020)

(English Edition)