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Ángel Luis Vega

Husband - Dad - Optimistic - Author - Business Strategist - Speaker

My name is Ángel Luis Vega, I am an Author, Business & Professional Development Coach, Columnist and Speaker with 20 years of experience. 


Coaching and writing has always been a passion of mine and naturally it has been in my blood, in 2013 I published my first book in leadership, “Sé el Líder de tu Desarrollo Profesional” / (Be the Leader of Your Professional Development) for which I received a "Gold Medal Award” from the International Hispanic Art and Culture Association as well as recognition from the Florida Orange County Mayor. 


Being fully bilingual not only allows me to write, coach and communicate in two languages, English and Spanish, it also helps me connect to and reach far more people through my words. 

I am “bicultural”, having been born and raised in a Caribbean Spanish-island with an American citizenship and having an upbringing that fully celebrated both cultures growing up. It helps me better understand cultural differences and as a coach be sensitive to such yet insightful; especially when looking to tap into the growing 59 million of Latinos in the United States. 


As an entrepreneur by trade and heart, my first business venture was a management consulting firm focused in helping entrepreneurs and business owners with their business plans, operational strategies and HR procedures, Vega Executive Solutions, LLC. 


I am passionate about serving other entrepreneurs which is one of the reasons why I served as an Advisory Board Member for non-profit organization Prospera USA (formerly Hispanic Business Initiative Fund of Florida Inc.) As a Young Leader for Inclusion Council member for the Center for Independent Living in Florida I understood how impactful it would be to mentor others along the way and how critical it is to participate actively in the development of the future generations. 


I’m married to Ideneth Vega, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Zurvita Inc. and we now reside in Texas with our daughter Victoria and son Matthew. Over the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to live in 4 different states (Florida, Virginia, California and Texas), we have come to believe that submerging into other states and experiencing for ourselves different cultures has been critically important in the growth of our careers and my personal development as a business & professional coach and a writer.

Sé el Líder de tu Desarrollo Profesional

(Spanish Edition)


2.0 Edition - Coming Soon (2020)

(English Edition)


Dare to Succeed - Coming Soon (2020)

(English + Spanish Editions)