Early Voting: May 16-20

Primary Runoff Election: May 24, 2022

Vega's Vision


Our Communities First Commitment

Vega recognizes that politicians need to care more, stop campaigning and meet with people just every 2, 4, 6 years when it’s convenient or when they face a strong opponent. He will open the door of dialogue and constantly talk with the community, their leaders, and business owners to know their concerns and needs. Establish the “Stay Connected Initiative” to maintain the community informed about our progress and know the concerns that impact the community. Not just an email/newsletter, but connecting personally with weekly and monthly conference calls, video chats, and town hall meetings where you can have the opportunity to talk and ask questions. And most importantly, increase unity beyond party affiliation, looking to hear Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, etc.


As Texas next Comptroller, Vega will focus on:

  • Serve our communities with integrity, compassion, commitment, and a sense of urgency

  • Make decisions looking for the best interest of the people of Texas, not the special interest groups

  • Manage the state's budget with efficiency & transparency

  • Unite our communities

  • Establish a vibrant economy and thriving jobs

  • Make decisions supported by data 

  • Boost Texans entrepreneurship and develop new business opportunities

  • Support our rural areas

  • A clean future for all

  • Retirement security & protect pensions 

  • Our children's education & future

  • Support our veterans & military families

  • Modernize the Comptroller's Office

Fix Our Democracy

  • Set term limits

  • Protect all citizens voting rights. 

  • Establish an automatic enrollment process for US citizens when they reach the voting age.

  • Make Election Day a holiday.


Establish a Vibrant Economy

Boost the Economy and Jobs Creation 

  • An incentive for businesses that hire new people despite employment gaps

  • Special incentives for businesses that hire veterans, military spouses, and people with disabilities. 

  • Incentivize businesses that relocate headquarters to Texas, creating new jobs here.

  • Establish a solid campaign to promote Made in Texas / USA products.

  • Vega supports the legalization of recreational marijuana; this will increase the Federal and States income, promote the creation of new enterprises across the nation, expand current farms and businesses, and create thousands of new jobs. (There is a possible earning of approximately $397,424,206 for Texas alone; this number is a reference use from the taxfoundation.org data.) These numbers are expected to increase as The Great State of Texas continues growing. 

  • Maximize the infrastructure opportunities:

    • Be proactive and diligent in enhancing, re-building, and expanding roads, bridges, and buildings. 

    • Improve transportation capabilities across the district, state, and nation.

  • Maximize the state tourism opportunities.

  • Work together with states, cities, and county commissioner’s boards to identify standard solutions to situations that impact our communities.

  • Incentivize first-time homeowners, first 3-5 years tax break.

  • Increase the minimum wage to $15.00 now, $20.00 p/h by 2025, and $25.00 p/h by 2030 (Provide incentives for businesses that hire new entry-level positions starting salary of $20.00)

  • Get rid of / Eradicate corporate tax loopholes.

Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs 

  • Reduce taxes for small businesses. 

  • Design and provide training, tools, and resources to small businesses to boost growth.

    • Establish alliances with non-profit organizations like local Chambers of Commerce, local Universities that focus on improving their economic empowerment and development of the district. 

  • Open the door of dialogue and have constant conversations with business owners to know their concerns and needs.

  • Rural Texas: 

    • Assign a 500 million dollars grant program to give farmers the opportunity to establish or expand their businesses.

  • Woman-owned business initiative: 

    • Vega supports establishing a 500 million dollars grant program for women with an entrepreneurial vision that wants to start or expand their business ventures.

    • Establish a 5-year tax exemption plan for new women-owned business ventures.  



Women's Equality

  • We need to ensure that we have more women in leadership positions, as business owners, in politics, and receive equal opportunities in the workplace and equal salaries.

  • Provide at least 12 weeks paid maternity + up to 3 months unpaid maternity leave.

  • Establish legislation to end sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

  • Women need to make their own reproductive decisions and maintain their right to choose. Making abortion illegal is wrong, unsafe abortions are going to raise, most will happen in unsafe, unsanitized places and without the proper counseling and guidance. The physical and mental health of women are at-risk and will continue to deteriorate creating a statewide and national crisis.

The Environment - (The clean energy + zero emissions by 2040 initiative) 

Vega believes that the right way to preserve our Environment starts with us; he believes in clean energy + aspires to achieve zero-carbon emissions by 2045.

  • Zero-carbon pollution:

    • all government buildings by 2040

    • all new residential and commercial buildings by 2040

    • all new government vehicles by 2035

    • all new passenger vehicles, trucks, and buses by 2045

  • Build a massive network of electronic vehicle supercharger stations.

  • Provide a 5-year tax break for builders who design and build new net-zero emission homes.

  • Invest and maximize our renewable energy capabilities.

  • Stop offshore drilling.

  • Protect our Environment, community, state parks, lakes, and beaches. 

  • Protect the ocean habitat. 

  • Expand marine protected areas. 

  • Establish a Texas recycling initiative. 


Education - (Invest in our children's future initiative) 

Elementary - Middle - High School Education System

  • Vega strongly believes that an excellent education can't be a privilege for a small group of people; instead, high-quality education is a right that all children have and must experience.  

  • Every child should have access to a high-quality public education no matter their zip code. 

  • Modernize and build excellent schools with technology that is part of the world that we are living in.

  • Provide healthier food options in our schools. 

  • Provide teachers with state-of-the-art tools and technology for their classes.

  • Provide proper salaries to the school personnel, especially all of our teachers.

  • Provide extracurricular activities that promote a safe environment, improving children's intellectual capabilities and mental health.

  • Establish efficient mechanisms to prevent and combat bullying in schools and off-schools.

  • Provide an optional summer camp curriculum (STEM Focus).

  • Educate our kids in future demand careers, college application processes, workforce opportunities, and transition from student to employee.

  • Provide in our High School curriculum classes teaching them to understand their financial responsibilities, basics of saving, bank account, credit card management, retirement options, financial planning, plan for college, understand the importance of credit history & score importance, how to invest and career development.

  • Provide optional language courses like Spanish, Mandarin, American Sign Language, among others.    

  • Provide sexual education in high schools facilitated by industry experts.

  • Prevent gun violence.

Next-Gen Initiative 

Establish an entrepreneurship development program: Educate the community on how to start a business, processes, procedures, regulations, and more.

  • Partner with a chamber of commerce, community financial institutions, and non-profit organizations.  

  • Focus this initiative on high school students, recent graduates, college students, and recent college graduates.

Veterans & Military Families - (It's our time to serve them initiative)  


As a son and grandson of U.S. Army Veterans, Vega is committed to supporting our veterans and their families.  

  • Provide job opportunities to our veterans when serving our country and returning home.

  • Provide tools that prepare them to work with the transition to the civil world and jobs.

  • Provide opportunities and tools for those with entrepreneurial vision, help them start their business ventures.

  • Guarantee excellent healthcare to our soldiers, improve services and capabilities at the VA Hospitals.

  • Develop good facilities for our retired veterans suffering from PTSD, Alzheimer's, cancer, physical and mental disabilities caused by war.


Retirement Security

  • Protect Social Security programs.

  • Provide educational tools to the American people to assist in saving for retirement.

  • Vega doesn’t want seniors working for necessity; he wants them to receive the proper health care, retire in peace and dignity.


Health Care

  • Vega supports Medicare for all. 

  • Proper nutrition improves the chances of longer life and reduces the risk of diseases; for that reason, he supports more and better education on nutrition.

  • Vega supports funding for research on Heart diseases, Cancer, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, and Autism.

  • Reduce the cost of prescriptions. 

  • Vega understands that medical treatments can't be a luxury, much less a bankruptcy path.


Diplomacy + International Relations + Foreign Policy

  • It is imperative to improve our relations with our friendly countries. 

  • It's essential to establish a dialogue between hostile countries around the world.

  • To prevent confrontation, dialogue and diplomacy need to become one of our first international priorities.

  • Vega believes that authentic leadership is not demonstrating who has more power but the art of communicating with others. We don't need to be friends, but we don't need to become enemies.   


Vega believes that it is crucial to create a new immigration reform with common-sense solutions, recognizing that many people, for years, came to this nation looking for new beginnings, opportunities and to work hard.

Establish a path to citizenship for the hardworking individuals that have been in the country for years.  

  • Establish a clear path for citizenship.

  • Provide an opportunity for immigrants to purchase health insurance.

  • Reduce in half the cost of citizenship applications fees.

  • Eliminate 100% of the fee for application for those that asked for asylum and humanitarian protection. 

  • Grant asylum and humanitarian protections to those that came from countries with dictators

  • Vega understands that his district has a shortage of employees, so he proposes expanding the work visas program. Many people from Latin America and Asia, etc., are waiting for months for their visas; we need to speed up the process. 


Criminal Justice + Law Enforcement Reform

  • Stop profiling and criminalizing individuals based on race/ethnicity. 

  • Stop criminalizing homelessness.

  • Stop criminalizing poverty.

  • Establish comprehensive criminal justice reform.

  • Invest in programs that facilitate actual rehabilitation. 

  • Provide mental health treatment.

  • Provide addiction treatment.

  • Stop using private prisons. 

Vega law enforcement reform proposals: 

  • Enhance and strengthen the law enforcement recruitment process. 

  • Increase law enforcement training and development.

  • Provide treatment to law enforcement with PTSD, depression, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse.  

  • Provide periodic screening of drugs, alcohols during service and detection of depression, PTSD, etc. 

  • Demilitarize local law enforcement.

  • Increase usage of body cameras.


National Security

  • Lead the border crisis with compassion, a sense of urgency, and empathy, making a safer border. 

  • Prevent and combat human trafficking and drugs crossing the borders. 

  • Increase our NSA & US Cyber Command capabilities to prevent cyber-attacks. This is the current war affecting our communities daily but not interfering with American citizens' privacy. 

2nd Amendment + Gun Control  

Vega does not support the possession of firearms for any individuals with a current criminal record, previous related record, mental disability, or terrorist activity. For such, Vega endorses the process of obtaining a firearm, passing the buyer for a criminal and mental health background check, waiting period, and establishing a renewal process of every six years. 

  • A capacity of no more than 15-rounds on magazines

  • Ban the selling or possession of assault weapons in the streets.

  • Vega supports the federal red-flag law. 

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